Magnesium & B vitamins for stress

Magnesium & B vitamins for stress

Find out more about the impact of high-dose vital substances magnesium and B vitamins to help combat stress.

These days, stress has become almost a normal part of everyday life for many people. Often, it is even considered as a yardstick of success, because somebody who is stressed is considered to be somebody who achieves a lot. And we all have to achieve more and more to balance the demands of family, career and leisure. However, constant stress may also have negative effects on health.

Stress in itself is not a bad thing: Under natural living conditions, it helps to put your body on high alert, ready for action in the presence of threats. Stress hormones such as adrenalin and noradrenalin are secreted, they dilate the bronchi, increase blood pressure and heart rate and improve the oxygen supply to muscles and brain. If the stress can be acted out actively, it has positive effects and is known as eustress.

However, noise, the pressure to perform and excessive demands cannot be fought physically. Levels of stress hormones remain high and negative stress (distress) develops, which can affect body and mind.

High-dose magnesium & specific B vitamins for stress

Strategies to combat stress should begin in both mind and body. You start by using your head to assess the situation. A solution-focussed approach to problems and an awareness of your own capabilities are often very helpful here. Additionally, you can help your body to overcome stress: the “anti-stress mineral” Magnesium regulates the release of stress hormones. Thus, in demanding times even more magnesium is required. In addition, a good supply of specific B vitamins is important for steady nerves. These “nerve-vitamins” make a decisive contribution to a normal functioning of the nervous system function and energy-yielding metabolism. People who make sure they are adequately supplied with magnesium and B vitamins have already done a lot to counter stress and relax the nerves.

Good to know: 6 easy ideas to reduce stress

  • 1.
    Regelmäßig bewegen

    Regular exercise

  • 2.
    Ein heißes Bad nehmen

    A hot bath

  • 3.
    Ein gutes Buch lesen

    A good book

  • 4.
    Freunde treffen

    Meeting friends

  • 5.
    Progressive Muskelentspannung

    Progressive muscle relaxation

  • 6.
    Autogenes Training

    Autogenic training

In stressful times, we recommend to take 1 Magnesium-Diasporal® DEPOT muscles + nerves once a day. The food supplement contains high-dose,
2-phase magnesium plus vitamin B complex (B1, B2, B6, B12) with a special DEPOT effect. This ensures a rapid and long-lasting supply with the important vital substances.

Magnesium-Diasporal® DEPOT

What happens when magnesium and B vitamins are deficient?

If nervousness and tension are making your everyday life miserable, your body needs specific B vitamins to stabilise the nerves and high-dose magnesium to support vital muscle function.

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