Granules for oral solution
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Diasporal®. For life on the move.
Magnesium contributes to a normal muscle function.
Diasporal®. For life on the move.

Magnesium-Diasporal® 400 EXTRA

Food supplement for increased magnesium requirements

For your muscles*. And new goals in life.
Granules for oral solution with an extra dose of magnesium: easily absorbed and fast acting.

*Magnesium contributes to normal muscle function.

Diasporal® EXTRA products have a high-dose formula. One sachet per day supplies the body with 400 mg magnesium and helps meet increased magnesium requirements.

Magnesium-Diasporal® 400 EXTRA contains pure magnesium citrate, an organic compound that is easily absorbed and fast acting. It is especially suitable for people with increased magnesium requirements. The granules for oral solution have an extra fruity taste and also provide added hydration.

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