Causes of magnesium deficiency

How to compensate magnesium deficiency?

The causes of magnesium deficiency can be diverse. But how does it occur? An unbalanced diet can play a role, as well as the use of certain medications and diseases such as diabetes. Magnesium requirements can increase in specific situations such as times of stress or at particular times of life, for instance during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

Reduced magnesium intake

Unfortunately, our diet often contains too little magnesium. Dieting and too much fast food can result in magnesium deficiency.

Poor absorption of magnesium

The body’s ability to absorb enough magnesium can be affected by various diseases and by medication.

Increased excretion of magnesium

Many factors can result in the loss of magnesium. Diabetics, for instance, excrete more magnesium in the urine, while athletes lose the mineral in their sweat.

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