A healthy magnesium balance

Is your magnesium balance correct?

The daily magnesium supply for an adult human, depending on age and sex, should be approximately 300 – 400 mg based on the recommendations of the German Nutrition Society (see table). Deficiencies in magnesium frequently result from a one-sided nutrition (e.g. diets, fast food) and magnesium losses because of the industrial processing and preparation of food. Stress and sporting activities can also result in a net loss of magnesium.

0 to less than 4 months2424
4 to less than 12 months6060
1 to less than 4 years8080
4 to less than 7 years120120
7 to less than 10 years170170
10 to less than 13 years230250
13 to less than 15 years310310
15 to less than 19 years 400350
19 to less than 25 years 400310
25 to less than 51 years 350300
51 to less than 65 years 350300
65 years and older350300
Pregnant women310
Breastfeeding mothers390


D-A-CH, Referenzwerte für die Nährstoffzufuhr (2000)