Magnesium during lactation

All parents have one thing in common: They want to give their baby the very best. As far as nutrition is concerned, breast milk is the best start to life. Therefore, many mothers decide in favour of breast feeding:

  • Breast milk is the most natural way of nutrition.
  • Breast milk protects against illnesses.
  • Breast feeding is satisfying and conveys warmth, protection and closeness to the baby.
  • Breast feeding is hygienic, practical and saves money, too.
  • Breast feeding supports growth and development of the brain.
  • Suckling furthers the development of the jaw.
Magnesium is important for the development of your new born child.

Our tip for breastfeeding mothers: Garmastan®

In order to prevent infections (e.g. mastitis) and avoid sore nipples and rhagades (nipple cracks), taking care of the nipples is extremely important. Garmastan®, which is a nurturing and protective ointment avoids splits that can lead to infections. The ingredient Guaiazulene has anti-inflammatory properties. In nature, Guaiazulene  occurs in the ethereal oil of the guaiacum tree in north and south America and has been used by the native people of America for centuries.

  • Garmastan® keeps breast skin and nipples smooth
  • Garmastan® supports the antimicrobial function of the skin
  • Garmastan® is easy to apply, does not smell, is non-fatty, is easy to remove by washing and does not contain wool wax alcohols

We wish all the best for you and your child!


During lactation the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung (DGE; German Association for Nutrition) recommends 390 mg magnesium per day.