Food supplement

For all those who
have to accomplish a lot!

For increased requirements
Magnesium-Diasporal® 400 EXTRA direkt, granules for direct use.

The granules for direct use of the EXTRA-CLASS can be taken quickly and without fluid and dissolve directly in the mouth.

The Diasporal® EXTRA-CLASS contains an extra large amount of magnesium and is especially well-suited for people with raised requirements.

One stick of Magnesium-Diasporal® 400 EXTRA direkt daily supplies your body with 400 mg of magnesium and thereby contributes towards covering raised requirements.

  • Granules for direct use with 400 mg magnesium per stick
  • 1x daily
  • Extra fruity because of natural orange juice powder
  • without sugar, without artificial sweeteners and colourants, with sweetener sorbitol
  • Suitable for diabetics (0.1 CU)

Ingredient: gentle-action magnesium citrate with magnesium oxide

Package size (Germany)

  • 20 sticks (PZN 8402413)
  • 50 Sticks (PZN 8402436)

Only available in pharmacies.

1 stick contains:
400 mg magnesium as magnesium citrate with magnesium oxide. This equals 107% of the nutrient reference value for daily intake 

Sweetener sorbitol, magnesium citrate (29%), magnesium oxide (26%), orange fruit powder (1%), colourant: ferric oxide, anti-caking agent: calcium salt of fatty acids, orange flavour

Nutritional valueper 100 gper Stick
Calorific value719 kJ (170 kcal)15,9 kJ (3,8 kcal)
Protein< 0.5 g< 0.01 g
Carbohydrates42.7 g0.95 g
thereof sugar< 0.5 g< 0.01 g
Fat0.86 g0.02 g
Saturated fatty acids 0.86 g0.02 g
Dietary fibre < 0.5 g< 0.01 g
Sodium< 0.1 g< 0.01 g

Take the content of one stick 1x daily. Pour the granules for direct use directly into the mouth onto your tongue. The granules dissolve in a matter of seconds and can be swallowed without any liquids.

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